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Houghton Metalworking Fluids

Houghton metalworking fluids, coolants and lubricants protect metals from damage caused by dirt, moisture, rust, and other harmful materials. Cut repair and maintenance costs by applying the Houghton Rust Veto to indoor machinery to leave a protective film that displaces moisture and prevents corrosion. Or, use the HOCUT 795-B Cutting Oil on any metal - low carbon steel, cast iron, gray iron, etc. - to reduce friction and subsequent wear. It's the industry's most widely used coolant, and it's available in the 55-gallon drum.

Keller-Heartt offers multiple Houghton synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants, including HOCUT 795-H, HOCUT 795MP-RHS, HOCUT 767, and HOCUT 801. Houghton's HOCUT coolants are low-foaming, fast-acting fluids that effectively preserve the surface of machining and grinding tools.

Houghton products are also designed for safety, and that is most evident in the Houghto-Safe 620 Hydraulic Fluid. This hydraulic oil is a reliable defense against potential fires in machines running in risky environments.

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