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Quality Lubricants & Fluids Since 1929

Industrial Oil Absorbents

It's estimated that over 500 million gallons of used oil end up in the ocean each year. To protect the environment and keep your organization EPA compliant, Keller-Heartt stocks an assortment of oil absorbing pads and other oil clean up supplies online and ready to be shipped.

Having oil absorbents such as pads and oil dry products on hand makes it much easier to maintain everything from a fleet of vehicles to a single one.

Our commercial duty spill kit is a great addition to a worksite where oils or lubes are in frequent use, and we carry oil clean up kits that meet U.S DOT regulations. Our oil absorbent pads will cover areas from 15' X 18' to 36' X 150', and are perfect for professional automotive garages and home garages alike.

Our oil absorbent products include:

  • TUFF-Rug oil absorbent pad
  • Oil clean up socks & booms
  • Oil absorbent drum pads
  • Oil Dri Premium absorbent
  • Sonic Bounded oil absorbent drum pads
  • Commerical duty oil Clean up kits

We offer free shipping to customers in the Chicago area! To order oil dry, oil absorbent pads, or a commercial duty oil clean up kit, simply add to your cart or give us a call at (800) 423-7513!

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