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TRUEGARD 960 NSF Certified Food-Grade Propylene Glycol Inhibited Coolant 100% Concentrate - 330 TOTE

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TRUEGARD 960 is an NSF Certified, food-grade inhibited propylene glycol fluid which is intended for use in antifreeze and heat transfer applications where contact with food may occur, such as wineries, micro-breweries, meatpackers, and other food-related industries.  TRUEGARD 960 is formulated with propylene glycol and an inhibitor system which is effective at preventing rust and corrosion in aluminum, brass, cast iron, copper, solder and steel-containing systems. TRUEGARD 960 is an affordable alternative to DOWFROST inhibited glycol coolant.

Operating Range

-50F to 325F (-46C to 163C)


  • HVAC system freeze/burst/corrosion protection
  • Immersion freezing
  • Cooling liquid foods
  • Packaging carbonated beverages
  • Fermentation cooling
  • Refrigeration coil defrosting
  • Cold room dehumidifying
  • Conveyor roller defrosting
  • Process cooling
  • Process heating
  • Waste heat recovery

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