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Quaker State Oil


Quaker State lubricants are reliable, trusted choices to use for your vehicle. In fact the company says “take a stand against the effects of time” – with the proven technology inside Quaker State motor oils, you can fight the years of use and prolong the life of your engine.

Buy bulk Quaker State motor oil from Keller Heartt. We have Quaker State Peak Performance, a motor oil with advanced technology fine-tuned for those autos in their prime. The Quaker State bulk motor oil helps protect, resist oil thickening and build up which all leads to a engine that lasts longer and performs better. One of the best synthetic motor oil options around, Quaker State Ultimate durability 5w30 motor oil is sold in bulk online, making it even more affordable.

If you're looking for other bulk motor oil options, including synthetic and synthetic blend options, we carry Pennzoil and Shell among other top brands online.

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