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Rain-X Wiper Blades


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Wiper blades should be replaced at least once a year to improve visibility, and there is no better way to protect windshields from the elements than a set of Rain-X wiper blades. Rain-X blades exceed market standards in glass care, and they are easy to install so that maintenance is hassle-free. Keller-Heartt offers the brand's Latitude and Weatherbeater blades in multiple lengths to fit your automotive.

The contoured Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades come in cases of 6 blades each. These curved blades grant even pressure to your windshield, leaving the windshield streak-free. Their aerodynamic spoilers reduce noise, and the blades' frames eliminate ice and snow buildup.

Our Rain-X Weatherbeater blades are available in cases of 10 blades each. These blades remove snow, ice, bugs, and even bug spray. These blades leave glass clean in smooth swipes due to their embedded friction reducers and multiple pressure points

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