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Solvents & Cleaners

When you are managing heavy-duty equipment, you need the right cleaning solvents to make sure everything is always in good working order. At Keller-Heartt, we carry a wide range of solvents and cleaners that work on a variety of applications to make managing a handful of vehicles or an entire fleet easier than ever before. You will find aerosol cans for small applications and 55-gallon drums for large applications in our inventory, because it is (and always has been) our mission to put our customers' needs first.

All of the part cleaning solvents you will find in our inventory are environmentally safe and meet the standard specifications outlined by the federal government. In most cases, large-scale operations benefit the most from our selection of 55-gallon drums. We carry TRUEGARD solvents with 105-degree and 142-degree flash points, as well as TRUEGARD AW 32 and TRUEGARD AW 46 and AW 68. If you need small, aerosol cans, we have you covered.

Keller-Heartt carries cases of Claire Manufacturing solvent cleaner that dissolves grease and eradicates dirt on contact, leaving surfaces clean and dry; it is even non-flammable and is free from ozone-depleting chemicals. Its high-quality formula does not contain perchloroethylene, which is often used as a filler in lower-quality products. We even have cases of Claire Manufacturing electrical contact cleaner for more delicate jobs; each aerosol can has an extension tube attached for pinpoint cleaning.

You will also find a huge variety of TRUEGARD motor oil in our collection, which is available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. Most of the TRUEGARD motor oil that we carry is API SN/GF5 certified synthetic oil, which is also DEXOS approved.

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