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AeroShell 15W-50 Multigrade Ashless Dispersant Oil - Case of 12 (1 qt)

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As a blend of mineral-based oil and synthetic hydrocarbons with special additives, AeroShell 15W50 is ashless dispersant oil that helps protect aircraft engines. It keeps them cleaner, less susceptible to wear and running more smoothly in extreme temperature variations. AeroShell 15W50 is formulated for multigrade applications, and includes the anti-wear additive Lycoming LW 16702. This AeroShell 15W 50 case has 12 1-quart containers.

The advanced additive package in AeroShell W 15 W 50 provides excellent protection to engines operating at extreme ambient temperatures. The ashless anti-wear additive package provides exceptional wear protection for camshafts and lifters and other wearing surfaces. AeroShell W 15 W 50 has become very popular amongst engine manufacturers and operators alike. In order to cater for those Lycoming engines that need improved load carrying, the Lycoming LW 16702 antiwear additive has been incorporated into the formulation thus eliminating the need for supplemental additive addition.

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