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CASSIDA SILICONE FLUID - .42QT (.4L) Aerosol (Case of 12)

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Silicone based, fully synthetic, multi purpose fluid. Thermal stability up to 250 C. Excellent adhesive properties minimize fling-off in use and wash-off by both cold and hot water. Readily displaces water. Formulated for use on metal-to-non-metal or non-metal-to-non-metal contact surfaces. It is based on a synthetic fluid carefully chosen for its ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry.

Registered by NSF for use in both direct contact applications (Class 3H) and where there is potential for incidental food contact (Class H1). Produced according to FLT Quality Standards, in facilities where HACCP audit and Good Manufacturing Practice have been implemented and form part of the quality and hygiene management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 21469.

Main application: For lubrication of conveyors, slow rotating machinery, small slow speed bearings and pivot points found in equipment in the food industry.

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