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Shell Caprinus XR 20W-40 Railroad & Marine Engine Oil - 55 Gallon Drum

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For railroad and marine engines, Shell Caprinus XR SAE 20W-40 Railroad and Marine Engine Oil provides high performance and impressive cleanliness for 2-cycle and 4-cycle diesel engines. This is exceptional multigrade engine oil formulated with chlorine-free and zinc-free additives. In addition to the 55 gallon drum, it's also available in bulk. Recommended applications include Fairbanks-Morse, EMD, ALCO, General Electric and other similar types of diesel engines that are used either as main or auxiliary engines in switching locomotives or marine usage. It's also available in XR SAE 40 viscosity grade.

Shell Caprinus XR are premium quality, zinc-free, and chlorine-free railroad and marine engine oils with an established history of providing outstanding engine cleanliness. Caprinus XR oils are available in SAE 40 and SAE 20W-40 viscosity grades.

55 Gallon Drum - Also avaible in BULK.

Formulated with a unique Shell additive system that is both zinc free and chlorine free Provide excellent engine cleanliness, especially engine top decks Provide superior in service retention of Total Base Number (TBN). (Note: EMD and General Electric, as well as the LMOA, recognize that new oil TBN is not an indicator of an oil's performance and do not include TBN in their oil specifications) Provide extended oil drain interval capability Multigrade Caprinus XR 20W-40 contains a shear-stable viscosity index improver additive that provides reduced oil consumption and better fuel economy, allows for longer oil drain intervals through control of used oil viscosity increase in severe applications & provides better lubrication and oil flow at low temperatures and during engine warm-up


  • recommended for medium speed two-cycle and four-cycle diesel engines, including:
  • EMD
  • Fairbanks-Morse
  • General Electric
  • ALCO
  • other similar diesel engines used as auxiliary or main engines in marine service or as switching locomotives
  • stationary engines requiring oils with API CF and API CD (obsolete) level performance Approvals and Recommendations
  • ElectroMotive Division of General Motors (EMD)
  • General Electric as Generation 4 Long Life Oils
  • Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association (LMOA)
  • Generation 5
  • API CF
  • API CD (obsolete)

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