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Shell Cyprina 963 Oil - 55 Gallon Drum

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Formulated to lubricate locomotive traction motor suspension bearings and railcar journal box plain bearings, Shell Cyprina 963 oil is a high viscosity index premium grade oil. It has a low pour point and offers exceptional protection against corrosion and rust, due to its high-performance additives. These additives also safeguard new journal bearings and support heavily loaded bearings by minimizing friction. Shell Cyprina Oil 963 traction motor support bearing lubricant can be used year round.

55 Gallon Drum - Also avaible in BULK.

A premium product formulated for use in lubricating traction motor suspension bearings on locomotives and plain bearings in railcar journal boxes. It is a premium grade, high viscosity index, low pour point product containing a balanced heavy duty additive combination that will protect new journal bearings during the critical break-in period and minimize friction in heavily loaded bearings. The rust and corrosion protection afforded by the heavy duty additive combination is further enhanced by an additional rust inhibiting additive. This product is formulated for all-year use.

High viscosity index Low pour point Excellent lubricity characteristics Good rust protection Water separability High resistance to foaming Good shear stability


  • traction motor suspension bearings
  • plain bearings in railcar journal boxes
  • locomotive truck center plates


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