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Shell Turbo T 68 Steam & Gas Turbine Oil - 5 Gallon Pail

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Shell Turbo T 68 features high quality hydroprocessed (API Group II) base oils and a combination of zinc-free additives to protect critical turbine components and promote system efficiency. T 68 is a high-quality gas and steam turbine oil designed to resist oxidation and help prevent deposit and sludge formations, minimizing the need for maintenance. In addition, Shell Turbo T 68 features anti-foam additives and has fast air release properties to reduce the possibility of pump cavitation and gear wear.

Superior oxidation stability. Non-corrosively to metals. Fast separation of water and good de-aeration properties.

General Applications

  • a wide range of lubrication applications
  • general purpose plant lubrication
  • non-anti-wear hydraulic and circulating oil systems
  • non-EP gear oils

Shell Turbo Oils T meet the American Standards Institute (ANSI)/American Gear Manufactures Association (AGMA) 9005-D94 requirements for R&O oils. Standards for machine tool lubrication established by the STLE include a classification for Hydraulic Fluid and General Purpose Lubricants.Shell Turbo Oils T for Hydraulic Fluid and General Purpose Lubricants

STLE STLE Recommended
Standard No. Identifying No. Shell Lubricant
ASLE 64-1 H-150 Turbo Oil T 32
ASLE 64-2 H-215 Turbo Oil T 46
ASLE 64-3 H-315 Turbo Oil T 68

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