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TRUEGARD 3025 Vanishing-Stamping Lubricant Oil- 55 Gallon Drum

SKU TG_VO325_55

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TRUEGUARD 3025 VANISHING-STAMPING LUBRICANT OILS are high performance products for cutting, folding, metallic packaging, bending, hole flanging, light stamping, lock-seam forming, roll bending and punching of steel, copper, aluminum alloys and on ferrous and non ferrous metals.

TRUEGUARD 3025 VANISHING-STAMPING LUBRICANT OILS evaporate to leave a clean surface, these products leave just enough residue to provide the desired rust prevention. The powerful lubricity agents used in these products work synergistically with the evaporative base to improve part finish and minimize die wear. The outstanding load carrying ability eliminates much of the galling and scoring common with conventional vanishing oils.

TRUEGUARD 3025 VANISHING-STAMPING LUBRICANT OILS are clear, light bodied fluids which are easily applied by standard spray, brush or roller equipment. The mild solvency will not harm plastic or rubber components, while the exceptionally low aromatic content will not cause worker dermatitis under normal circumstances. In addition, the surprisingly low odor characteristics make for a more pleasant workplace, without the health problems associated with other vanishing oils.

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