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TRUEGARD Cutting Oil D Plus - 275 Gallon Tote

Original Price $3,865.29 - Original Price $3,865.29
Original Price
$3,865.29 - $3,865.29
Current Price $3,865.29

TRUEGARD CUTTING OIL D-PLUS is a dark amber, active cutting oil for the machining of difficult metals where a high degree of active anti-weld is required. It contains an effective anti-mist additive to reduce misting of the cutting oil during high speed machining operations. In addition to lubricity agents and inactive sulfur and chlorine, the Truegard Cutting Oil D-Plus contains active sulfur for superior control of the built-up-edge on tools. It produces excellent finish on parts, prevents welding and tearing, and prolongs tool life.

TRUEGARD CUTTING OIL D-PLUS may stain, non-ferrous metals. It cannot be used as a machine lubricant. Where there is considerable cross-contamination from lube oils, as in most automatic screw machines. Truegard Cutting Oil D-Plus dual-purpose oil can be used as the machine lubricant and for low pressure hydraulic systems.

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