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TRUEGARD Marine RV - 50 Antifreeze - 55 Gallon Drum

SKU 100137
Original Price $712.87 - Original Price $712.87
Original Price
$712.87 - $712.87
Current Price $712.87

The TRUEGARD Marine RV 50 Antifreeze is perfect for winterizing both potable and non-potable water-containing systems and equipment. Suitable applications: recreational vehicle water systems, vacation homes, travel trailers, swimming pool filtration systems, etc. The inhibited formula provides unsurpassed rust prevention and metal corrosion protection properties and is safe for most metal and plastic pipes commonly found in water supply systems. Up to -50 Burst Protection  Superior Corrosion Inhibitor  Protection for all Types of Recreational Water Systems:                 * Recreational Vehicles* Swimming Pools* Vacation Homes* Boats


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