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TRUEGARD Semi Synthetic Coolant 266 - 55 Gallon Drum

SKU 10018700

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$765.87 - $765.87
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TRUEGARD SS-266 is a semi-synthetic coolant concentrate designed for a wide variety of grinding and machining operations on steel, copper, and aluminum alloys. Typical machining operations include Drilling, Milling, Tapping, Sawing, and Turning.

TRUEGARD SS-266 produces a brilliant green color upon addition to water. This solution is hard water stable, non gumming and exhibits excellent detergency. The absence of sulfur and chlorine make this product exceptionally safe and easy to use.

TRUEGARD SS-266 possesses a balanced Ph to prevent attack of nonferrous metals while ensuring mildness to operators skin. The mild Ph also prevents stripping of the paint from the machine surfaces. TRUEGARD SS-266 contains the leading edge of biocide technology in order to prevent excessive bacterial growth which might otherwise lead to undesirable odors.

    Customer Reviews

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    Kelly F.
    TRUEGARD Semi Synthetic Coolant

    Is very good product, we have had no problems, great price, fast delivery

    Ambrose F.

    Great coolant doesn't leave heavy oil deposits

    Servando S.

    Great deal! Great price and fast shipping.... will be buying again!

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