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Truegard UltraPlex EP Lithium Complex Greases are 12-HSA extended service, premium, lithium complex, extremes pressure (EP) greases that provide superior protection to lubricate a wide variety of automotive, agricultural, trucking, mining, construction, and industrial equipment. Combines excellent multipurpose properties with a high dropping point to offer protection across a wide temperature range. Lithium complex greases are extremely versatile performers that are highly recommended for disc brake wheel and conveyor bearings providing outstanding shock load protection.

UltraPlex EP Lithium Complex Greases were designed to outperform conventional products by applying cutting edge, proprietary, lithium complex manufacturing technology. They are formulated to provide excellent high temperature performance with superb adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water contamination. These grease have a high level of chemical stability and offer excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Their performance features make them ideal choices for operating conditions including high temperature, water contamination, shock loading and extended re-lubrication operations.

UltraPlex grease is manufactured by using Truegard’s proven high-temp grease technology with specially selected additives to provide excellent oxidation stability, rust and corrosion control, resistance to water contamination as well as anti-wear and EP protection.


• UltraPlex Hi-Temp EP#2 is recommended for high temperature applications requiring a tackier grease that stays in place longer than regular high temp grease

• UltraPlex EP#1 w/ Moly/Graphite is recommended for heavy-duty applications where sliding or oscillating motion is present as in bearings, steering linkage, and fifth wheel assemblies. Resists plating out.

• UltraPlex EP#2 w/ 2% Moly is suitable for plain bearings and gears. It also can be used in rolling contact bearings, but is not generally recommended for high-precision rolling contact bearings because of the possibility of molybdenum disulfide building up in the clearances. Applications include the construction, mining, and farming industries. In off-highway trucks and other vehicles, it provides excellent service in bucket pins, rack and pinion gearing, fifth wheels, steering gears, etc.

• UltraPlex EP#2 w/ 3% Moly was specifically designed to meet the needs of off-highway and mining equipment that required exceptional EP / anti-wear performance and which would remain in place even in tough conditions of water spray, high sliding, and high temperatures.


Soap type: Lithium Complex

Color: Grey

Texture: Smooth, buttery


• Water Resistant - helps assure proper lubrication and protection even in the most severe water exposure conditions • Corrosion Protection - protection of lubricated parts even in hostile aqueous environments

• Oxidation Stability - helps extend grease life and enhance bearing protection in high temperature applications helping to reduce maintenance and replacement costs • Economical - premium performance in a low cost formula

• Highly Adhesive - excellent grease tenacity, helps reduce leakage and extend re-lubrication intervals for reduced maintenance requirements

• Wear Protection - reliable protection of lubricated equipment, even under conditions of high sliding with potential for extended equipment life and reduced unanticipated downtime

• Resists Separation - operation over wide temperature range allows for reduced inventory




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