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ECOCOOL 7081 Water Miscible Cutting & Grinding


ECOCOOL 7081 contains an effective lubricity package for moderate to heavy duty machining of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It offers good rust protection and stain protection for most non-ferrous materials including aluminum and yellow metals.

ECOCOOL 7081 is a next generation water miscible coolant with an emulsification system that produces a tight stable emulsion that effectively tolerates tramp oils without producing insoluble residues. 

ECOCOOL 7081 provides excellent pH stability, long sump life, and minimal odors.

How to use

ECOCOOL 7081 is mixed with water for use. Your local FUCHS representative can provide you with specific recommendations for your operation. When
mixing, always add concentrate to water. The product should be stored in its original sealed container at temperatures between 45°F – 90°F. Safety data sheets are available. Before handling, read the product information and safety data sheets
for proper handling and health hazard information.



 Excellent sump life
 Low foaming
 Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous
 Contains chlorine-free lubricity enhancers, no
added chlorinated paraffins
 Reduced burning, staining or cracking
 Fine surface finishes / extended tool life
 Suitable for a wide range of water quality


Residual films are readily cleaned from parts with RENOCLEAN alkaline cleaners. Your local FUCHS representative can provide you with specific recommendations for your



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